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Stic-It (50ml), Liquid Chalk Alternative

Blue Light

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This super sticky resin is a great alternative for (liquid) chalk, providing you with unparalleled grip when you need it most. Stic-It is made from Benzoin and Colophony, two natural resins. Benzoin is collected from Styrax trees. It has been enjoyed in incense and perfumes for centuries, before being discovered by climbers. Colophony comes from coniferous trees such as pines, junipers, firs, and cedars.

Stic-It will not leave chalk marks (obviously) and will be quickly broken down in nature, so it not only provides you with a strong grip, but also keeps the rocks clean!

Natural liquid chalk alternative, 50ml.

Ingredients: alcohol, benzoin resin, colophony resin, lemon oil.

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